Events programme for Spring in the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre

The Discover Ulster-Scots Centre will be open the first Thursday of every month from August to October from 4pm to 8pm.

Ulster-Scots Cultural Music and Dance Festival

concert at Ballygally

a series of Events taking place in the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre

Christmas Holidays

Ulster-Scots Agency Music and Dance Tuition for 2016

Bluegrass Band Performing in the Discover Ulster-Scots Dentre from 5pm to 7.30pm on Friday 18th September.

Ulster Scots Connections: People, Places and Practice

Applications close on Friday 8th May 2015.

Tickets are now on sale for the Belfast Tattoo 2015.

Burns Concert in Belfast Waterfront on 24th January 2015

The U.S.C.N. Office and Discover Ulster-Scots Centre has reopened after the Festive break.

Office closure for holidays

all publications are now in stock.

A Series of Roadshows are planned for next week.

AGM meeting held in Belfast

Christmas Carols at Bangor Abbey on Friday 6th December 2013

Gettysburg owes its name to Ulsterman Samuel Gettys who emigrated as part of the great movement of 250,000 Ulster-Scots to America during the 18th century.

Music and Dance Tuition Funding for 2016

We review the new Ulster-Scots book by local historian Alister McReynolds

USCN promotes new Londonderry 400 booklet at Maiden City Festival

“Game Changers-Personalities and Pivotal moments in the Napoloeonic Wars and the War of 1812”

A Report on the Socio-Economic Impact of the Traditional Protestant Parading Sector in Northern Ireland

Viscount Bryce Ulster History Circle Plaque unveiled

New booklet launched at WF Massey Foundation event in Limavady

Full lisitings of Pipe Band contests and associated events for 2013

Arts Council grant for musical instruments for bands has opened

USCN staff attend Saltcoats event

Arts Council Musical Instrument Scheme set to open

The Ulster-Scots Agency Festival Fund opened on 14th January

USCN host successful Musician's Course

The Ulster-Scots Community Network launches new website.