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Rangers – the Ulster Connection (Hardback)

Glasgow Rangers Football Club is a Scottish sporting institution with a global reputation for its success at both domestic and European levels, dating from the club’s inception back in 1872. Rangers is a proud family club deeply ingrained in Scottish and British culture. It is also a club with close and abiding bonds that reach out across the North Channel to Northern Ireland. ‘Rangers Football Club – the Ulster Connection’, the title of this book, has a mighty resonance that has been perpetuated by players from this diaspora who enjoyed distinguished careers at Ibrox Park and enhanced the international standing of the famous Glasgow club. This book is a detailed miscellany on a Scots-Irish link that has provided a significant chapter in the history of Rangers Football Club. Three Ulstermen have captained Rangers; nine have been elevated to the club’s ‘Hall of Fame’ and many other players from across the Channel have contributed much to the good and welfare of an iconic name in British football, through the winning of many trophies .. Today, Rangers is a club with tens of thousands of supporters in Northern Ireland, many of whom make regular treks to Glasgow for the games at Ibrox Park. Their loud and familiar cry in the Ibrox stadium is ‘Follow, Follow, We Will Follow Rangers’. This book is a testimony and fitting tribute to momentous and highly memorable achievements past and present.


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