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About Us

The Ulster-Scots Community Network

As a representative umbrella organisation with over 400 member groups, we are committed to representing the interests of those who engage in a variety of Ulster-Scots activities.

The Ulster-Scots Community Network (USCN) was established in 1995 to promote awareness and understanding of the Ulster-Scots tradition in history, language and culture. Through a continuing programme of wide-ranging projects we also highlight the significant contribution of the Ulster-Scots community to the development of life in Northern Ireland, the border counties of the Republic of Ireland, and the wider Ulster-Scots diaspora. 

What We Do

Assist the Community

We provide assistance, advice and guidance to the Ulster-Scots community​ on any and all matters that we can.

Provide Means for Education

We produce many educational and historical books and displays on a range of Ulster-Scots topics, from history to music, language to dance.

Help with Funding

We assist Ulster-Scots groups in identifying and accessing relevant funding and financial assistance for their groups or events.

Deliver Courses

We create and deliver various learning and training courses on many Ulster-Scots topics, several of which are OCN accredited.

Help our Members

We have a huge network of groups and individuals who receive regular updates on topics which would interest them via our mailing list.

Represent Ulster-Scots Interests

We ensure that Ulster-Scots gets adequate representation at all levels in society, in the arts and culture, in schools, and in government and society.

Deliver Talks & Demonstrations

We regularly deliver talks and demonstrations on a wide variety of aspects of Ulster-Scots music, language, history, and culture to various groups, from schoolchildren to tour groups, historical clubs to government ministers.

Assist With Genealogical Research

We regularly provide assistance with genealogical enquiries free of charge, helping you to discover your roots.

Explore the Discover Ulster-Scots Visitor Centre

Discover more about your Ulster-Scots roots through a free genealogy research point, or find out about Ulster-Scots events.

Discover Ulster-Scots Centre is on the ground floor of the Corn Exchange Building in Belfast and is filled with information displays, educational literature and a gift shop. It is free to visit and managed by us. There are a range of Ulster Scots publications available for sale and free Ulster-Scots literature to help you uncover more about your unique and culturally rich heritage.

The centre is open to visitors from 10-4 on weekdays and can be booked for evening events by contacting us via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Schools, churches, community organisations and tour groups are very welcome by appointment.

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Visit Us

Our offices and the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre are open Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm

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