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Our Most Priceless Heritage

From their earliest arrival in America 350 years ago the Scots-Irish left a lasting legacy, a heritage that was firmly grounded in freedom and democracy.

The pioneering instinct of this proud race from Ulster and Scotland opened up America from the Atlantic coastline to the Pacific shore—“Sea to Shining Sea.” The history of the United States is interwoven with the outstanding personalities from the Scots-Irish diaspora and the distinctive characteristics of a people who pushed the frontiers to new horizons.

This comprehensive study of the Scots-Irish in America by Northern Ireland author Billy Kennedy has created a much greater awareness of the accomplishments and the durability of the hardy settlers and their families who moved to the ‘New World’ during the 18th century and created a civilization out of a wilderness.

President James Buchanan, son of a Co. Tyrone man, said: “My Ulster blood is my most priceless heritage.” This is a sentiment echoed by many, many people in the United States today!


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