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Reflections on 300 years of the Scots Irish in Maine

‘1718 – 2018’ Reflections on 300 years of the Scots-Irish in Maine’ was produced following academic conferences at Bowdoin College, Maine and in Coleraine, Northern Ireland hosted by the Ulster University. These events marked the 300-year anniversary of the first large scale movement of people to Maine from what is now Northern Ireland.

 This important work is a compendium of presented papers by a range of American and Ulster based writers and historians and provides a unique record of historic links between Ulster and Maine which has the largest proportion of Ulster-Scots descendants than any state in the USA.

 This 256 page book is the first of its kind and provides a valuable source of information for historians and those interested in learning more about the links between Maine and the northern parts of Ireland. Some of the papers are academic, some poetic, and others personal with the aim to share the Scots Irish stories of those who played a significant role in shaping the state of Maine, New England, and the United States of America.


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