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Robin’s Further Readings

WG Lyttle, 19th century Ulster newspaper proprietor, author and raconteur, is still best remembered for his enduring novel, Betsy Gray, about the 1798 rebellion in Ireland, but he was also a prolific writer of short stories some of which he published in three volumes of Robin’s Readings.
However there were others, too, and now for the first time in well over a hundred years these are presented here as Robin’s Further Readings. And included are seven new pieces by WG that have never before appeared in any book.
His stories were first printed in his newspaper, the North Down Herald and in other journals. He also performed them on stage where, it is reported, he kept his audiences in “roars of laughter” addressing them in broad Ulster-Scots, dressed up as his alter-ego, the elderly country farmer, “Robin Gordon of Ballycuddy.”
Robin’s Further Readings will bring delight to all lovers of Ulster-Scots and, particularly to fans of WG Lyttle.


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